Transgender Thailand

In Thailand it remains illegal to obtain a sex change under the age of 18. However in a country with up to an estimated 100,000 “transgender” people or ladyboys, thousands of young boys every year seek to change their sex before the age of consent, often leading to early psychological problems and regretful decisions that can never be reversed. In 2015 Thailand banned discrimination based on gender identity and remains one of the most tolerant societies in the world.

Perhaps the boldest expression of Thailand’s liberal take on the sexual self is Miss Tiffany’s Universe staged each year in Pattaya, a seaside resort town southeast of Bangkok. Founded in 1998, the famous beauty pageant lures 100 keen contestants from across Thailand to compete in the worlds most prestigious beauty competition for transgender people. Miss Tiffany Universe continues to be the aspiration of thousands of young men  in Thailand. Bloomberg – Copyright 2017 © Adam Oswell

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