Video Devices PIX-E5 5″ monitor recorder

This is not a detailed technical review of the Video Devices Pix-E5, theres plenty of reviews online, just my views on the unit and experience using it in the field. The powerful PIX-E5 packs a lot of features into a five-inch monitor recorder. Sound Devices has been making professional quality audio recorders and mixers for years and is highly regarded for their extremely rugged, reliable, high quality professional equipment. Video Devices, their subsidiary, has developed a line of video recorders and monitors and the PIX-E5 and E7 (the 7 inch version) are one of their stand out products. The PIX-E5 is an extremely well built and designed monitor with a bright Gorilla Glass touchscreen and a die-cast metal chassis perfectly suited for remote field use.

A Monitor with Tools
I have used the PIX-E5 with the Fuji X-T2 and Nikon D810, connected via HDMI. Its size works really well with these cameras mounted on a wooden camera cage. The 5-inch LCD screen provides a sharp bright image indoors and outside and is responsive to touch and the interface is well laid out and the control buttons and knobs are easy to use, even with gloves on. I found the unit provided all the key tools required to shoot in most situations and lighting conditions, and is the perfect size for shooting with DSLR’s and mirrorless. The capacitive touchscreen can be used to navigate menus as well as interact with a specific area of the image such as zooming in to a point of interest to check focus. TapZoom provides instant 2x or 4x zoom to where you tap the screen, which is a great feature. Scroll to another point of interest and tap again to zoom out. Video Devices also offers PIX-Assist Monitoring Tools to help you get a perfectly exposed and focused shot. These include a peaking filter, guide markers, false colors, zebras, waveform monitor, vectorscope and histogram. Four-way monitoring lets you display the video feed, histogram, vectorscope and waveform monitor at the same time. The mSata speed drive is fast and easy to use to transfer files, one of the best storage systems used on portable recorders.

I recently used the Pix-E5 in -20°C plus temps in the Altai mountains in Mongolia and it performed flawlessly. It does use up batteries though so you have to be mindful and manage battery life if you haven’t got access to power, or take spares if your in a remote location. I used the Sony NP-F960’s and got about 3-4 hours out of them. I will continue to use this very reliable and useful monitor recorder, even when not using its prores recording capabilities, it provides an excellent on camera monitor.

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